Seeing a whale is not something everyone gets to experience but here in Kaikoura there are whales to be seen almost every day of the year.  With the deep ocean trench so close to the town, the team from Whale Watch Kaikoura have names for many of the resident sperm whales and can recognise them from a distance by their distinctive markings.  On most days of the year there will be sightings of at least one or two of the residents but often appearances are made by many other species of whale and dolphins. Yesterday our lucky guests from the United States were lucky enough to see Pilot Whales - have a look at some of the photos on Whale Watch Kaikoura's Facebook Page.  Our guests also regularly see New Zealand fur seals and dolphins - Dusky Dolphins, Hector's Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins - and also many of the different species of albatross make an appearance. From time to time our guests have also been lucky enough to see Orca,  Southern Right Whales, Blue Whales and Humpback Whales with some trips 'fluking' sightings of two or three different species at once.


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